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French embroidered linens since 1883
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A unique know-how
Hand embroidery  
The embroidery
Hand-guided embroidery  

The vocation of Noël is to ensure the magic of embroidery lives on via leading-edge techniques - from the splendor of hand embroidery to the charm of machine embroidery, which makes high quality more affordable.


Hand embroidery

The celebrated hand-embroidered tablecloths are central to the Noël collections. These masterpieces of the art of embroidery are decorated with the most famous motifs from the 13,000 designs in the company's archives : rosebuds, ears of wheat, mimosa, oranges and lemons, ferns, lilies and thistles, ivy, geraniums...

Hand embroidery also demands meticulous preparation. The original motifs, drawn on finely perforated tracing paper, are stenciled onto the linen, cotton or organdie, then embroidered by expert fingers. This highly skilled, painstaking work has much in common with Haute Couture.


The embroidery loom

The "loom" has the capacity to embroider a large number of similar designs at the same time. The preparation is long and entirely manual, involving the selection and arrangement of all the colors of thread needed for each design. This technique is used to embroider tablecloths, sheets, towels, nightwear and most gift items.


Hand-guided embroidery

Halfway between hand and machine, "hand-guided" embroidery allows greater scope in the composition and greater sophistication in the execution of the design. The expert hand of a seamstress guides the needle of her embroidery machine.


An archive of 13,000 designs :
a constant source of inspiration

Noël's embroidery motifs are drawn from the inexhaustible archives maintained by the company since 1883 (more than 13,000 designs, thousands of carefully rolled-up tracings in all sizes for all compositions, ready to be used).

A constant source of inspiration, these designs need only a little reworking to bring them absolutely up-to-date. The delicacy of the drawing, the exactness of the proportions, the subtlety of the color schemes are quite extraordinary.

Hunting scenes, geometric patterns of art deco or more contemporary inspiration, heavy bunches of grapes, oak leaves in autumnal hues, fruits and flowers, rosebuds, ears of wheat, mimosa, oranges and lemons, ferns, lilies and thistles, ivy, geraniums - all seem ready to take shape before our eyes.

Never for a moment departing from its tradition of quality and exclusivity, Noël is now producing a stream of new designs for collections of bed linen, table linen, towels or T -shirts.

Among the most recent examples is "Constellation", a tablecloth embroidered with two thousand stars, which was designed by Annabelle d'Huart in celebration of the new millennium. Meanwhile, motifs of squirrels, dolphins and chickens animals which decorated the bibs created by Noël in the 1930s have been updated for today's babies, and now feature on the bibs and teddy bears in the "Bebe Noël" collection.

The legend of Noël...