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French embroidered linens since 1883
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  2006 Collection  
Collection GEISHA Collection MANDARIN Twin Bags
GEISHA and MANDARIN, the new NOL bed linen collections,
luxuriate in the radiant hues of Asia.
Inspired by ancient Japanese and Chinese visual themes, the celebrate
the essence of man and woman and play on this duality.

Like Yin and Yang, the interweave strength and softness,
bright colors and subtle tones, matte and stain textures.
In this sensitive expression of color, designer Annabelle dHuart
draws upon the rich heritage of the NOL design archives
and adapts it to the context of today.
Bed linen collection GEISHA
shades: Violet, Ivory and Pearl
Bed linen collection GEISHA
shades: Celadon & Powder

Silky-smooth and embellished with sprays of cherry blossoms,
the GEISHA line evokes ceremonial kimonos from the land of
the rising sun – subtle and refined!

It comes in 4 shades:
Violet, Ivory, Pearl, and Celadon & Powder.

Matching embroidered terry towels.

Scented cushion, embroidered on organdy
Ivory- Parme - Violet - Green - Rose - Turquoise
Collection Madame BUTTERFLY
Place mats and napkins
Bed linen collection MANDARIN
shade: Damask Cinnamon & Saffron
Bed linen collection MANDARIN
shade: Imperial Yellow and Moon Stone

Masculine and noble in the image of ancient Chinese aristocracy,
the MANDARIN line combines bright colors and contrasting textures.

Traditional decorative motif in embroidered cord stitch
accented by matte trim speaks a universal langage of strength and character.

The MANDARIN line comes in three versions :
Damask Cinnamon and Saffron, Imperial Yellow and Ivory,
and Moon Stone and White.

Matching embroidered terry towels.


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